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Launch X431 master

Launch X431 master
  • Launch X431 master
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Model: Launch X431 master  

Launch X431 Master, update via Internet, work perfect.


Detailed Info

Launch X431 Master Scanner


1. Running more faster than other Launch X431 serial, No wait while diagnosis your car, Save your time.

2. Running more steady-going.

3.  All OBD 16 Pin connectors inside, Less connectors = Diagnosis more vehicles.Forget your CANBUS,OBD Smart...  connectors, It can diagnose all CANBUS,OBD Smart...system without CANBUS,OBD Smart...  connectors.

4. Update via internet.

Net Weight: 10kg

X431 master Professional Guidelines  car diagnostic scanner
X431 master is the latest release of X-431 series car diagnostic tools professional.
The X431 is sold worldwide for a decade, X-431 series has earned a reputation for its wide range of vehicle coverage and full features of your software. On the basis of the X-431, the Master receives a new structure and a better design, it is updated hardware. X431 Master was released worldwide on September 1, 2009.
Inheritance of X-431 series, the X431 has a Master of open source operating system: the highest level of automobile diagnostic technology in the world, the functions of the Commission of reading, reading Datastream, performance tests , sensor waveform and coding unit and PDA functions. It is easier and more convenient to operate than the X-431 based on intelligent design.


The advantages of X431 master against
Integrated design, combining the Smartbox, mini printer main unit, a new design and cover with high quality materials to be in a new market
Added to the lateral belt, easier to carry and use ergonomically
MASTER X431 has a connector to replace all of the CAN bus and called OBDII OBD connector 16E connector, which will be suitable for testing most vehicles.
Upgrade hardware and communication modules, communication faster and safer cars with intergraded X431 by design to save time at work
No software to download more of the communication / diagnostic, diagnostic program start directly capacity 10.8V operating voltage-40V is added to work with different types of batteries.


The Professional Teacher X431 vehicle diagnostic scan tool is a new generation of product developed by the launch of technology. It's a perfect marriage between automotive technology and electronic information networks. X431 adopts open diagnostic technology, which is the world's most advanced and the future of automotive diagnosis. Make PDA functions apart from reading trouble code, data stream and the test of action, the code control sensor waveform and digital.


Key Features
Diagnosis on various electronic control systems
Integrated into the operating system, open diagnostic platform and PDA functions
Additional support high speed transfer of data flow
An open diagnostic technology based on LINUX operating system


Conveniently update
The information can be shared and brightness can be adjusted
Large LCD touch screen for convenient data entry
Interactive and simple operation interface with modern design


With all the PDA functions, such as
·Input Handwriting
·Personal Database
.Extensive vocabulary in English-Chinese Dictionary
.Allows the user management information
Disassemble the printer that can print error codes, live data and part numbers for your car.
.Very easy to use for beginners.
.Data display powerful current in wave format.
·Standard compatible with almost all vehicle sockets hardware.
·Large LCD touch screen for easy operation.
·Functions DEMO provide helpful information easily accessible.
·Mini printer for printing real-time test data.
.Optional PC LINK function for diagnostic data storage and   playback on PC.
· Interface Multi-language operation.


Other features
To interact with the computer with X431-PCLINK (optional) to store test data in vehicle service record; to simulate and test sensors with the help of the sensor box (optional)
To verify the analysis parameters of the battery and the conduct of the conditions of the battery through the battery box (optional)
To print out test data any time with built-in printer
Easy operation through handwriting input on large touch screen
As generic diagnostic equipment, can interact with adapters diagnosis of all vehicle models in the world
Strong test capacity to cover all electronic systems
single reading of the data stream to ensure fast data update
Strong waveform monitor changes in the data flow
integrated operating system and open-platform diagnosis to make effective diagnosis possible
Integrated adapters with a compact design and reliability


Multiple language options include
English, German, Japanese, French, Polish, Turkish, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Arabic, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese


Operating System: Linux
CPU: 32-bit processor
CF card: 128M
Interface: Standard serial / parallel
Supply: DC12V
Output: Approx. 9W
Printer: Mini Thermal Printer
Printer interface: Standard parallel port
Display: 240 * 320 LCD touch screen with backlight
Structure: main units, Smartbox and mini printer


The package contains
The package is the X431 launch configuration package that includes all test adapters to work on all car manufacturers are listed below.

Includes adapter for older models of car brands.
· X-431 Main Unit - To display the operation buttons and results of diagnostic tests
· Mini Printer - To print the diagnostic data
. CF Card - To store the diagnostic software and data
SPAN title kd SPAN style jd USB Cable - To connect closure_uid_uwlrwn 129 computer? closure_uid_tqjzfw 129 computer?? ?SPAN style kd USB Cable - To connect jd USB Cable - To connect closure_uid_uwlrwn 129 computer? to a Writer? PC Card CF Reader? · USB Cable - Para conectar a to Writer? Reader Card CF un closure_uid_tqjzfw ordenador? computer ?a USB Cable - To connect CF Card Reader / Writer to a computer
. CF Card Reader / Writer - To read and write data to the CF card


. Connectors - The connectors are included for OBD1 vehicles
. The power cord
· Cigarette Lighter Cable
· Cable Battery
· Adaptor Power
· Main Cable - to connect the car to the Smartbox
· Smartbox - To perform vehicle diagnostic

1) Free update during one year
2) Free repair and maintenance service in one year
3) Free technical support by internet or E-mail
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