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Ford Key Copy Vise

Ford Key Copy Vise
  • Ford Key Copy Vise
Categories: Auto Locksmith Tools  
Brand: AUTO2TECH  
Model: Ford Key Copy Vise  

Ford Key Copy Vise,16pcs in stock


Detailed Info

Ford Key Copy Vise


Standard Appendix
1. One pc of pitch positioning base.
2. One pc of angle locking base.
3. One pc cutter and tracer each.
4. One 2mm Six-hexagon wrench.
Vise sketch map
Key Copy Vise Manual Instruction:
1. Angle Locking Base
There are right and left - two directions and four different depths in Ford key system. They are:

Dial Gauge

Angle Code


2. Pitch Positioning Base
There are six different pitches a, c, e in one side and b, d, f in another side. The cutting position can be changed by turning the Pitch Turning Knob.
Skill of adjusting the depth of cutter and tracer.
1. Put the attached cutter and tracer on the machine(tip of tracer should be 5mm lower than tip of cutter at least), use 2mm Hexagon Wrench to loosen key fixing screw of angle locking base, insert blank key in and lock it, then set these two bases on the vise of machine.
2. Power on the motor, press down the handle of cutter fully, turn the depth adjusting knob to make the tip of tracer higher & cutter can touch the surface of key lightly, then, lock the depth fixing knob of machine to set up this depth, and then turn machine depth adjusting knob of tracer again for half circle counterclockwise to lift up the tracer more higher and lock the tracer locking knob (to eliminate the spring the tracer, make it unable to move up and down). Then the adjusting work is finished.
Skill of copy Keys
1. Identify each angle of original key.
2. Write down the pitches no. (from the tip of Ford Key) & depths codes accordingly in order like pitch no.1(f) = angle code 2, pitch no.2(e) = angle code 3 etc.
3. Put the key blank into angle locking base, after locking key fixing screw, follow the following steps to copy keys
For example:
The first tooth of key is angle code no.2. & Pitch: f
Turn the key to right side Dial gauge Code 2, lock the key angle locking knob, power on the motor, aim the tracer at pitch positioning base: f, then progress first side right cutting. Then, turn the key to right side Dial gauge Code 2, progress the first side left cutting.
Turn key around to second side, follow above steps, cut the second side angle. That is finishing the first tooth copying. Follow the above same steps to complete the following tooth cutting.
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